OppiKoppi 18 – Sweet-Thing Festival: Info May21


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OppiKoppi 18 – Sweet-Thing Festival: Info







9-11 August 2012 (This year we start on a public holiday and gates will open the day before)

OppiKoppi Farm, West-Northam, Limpopo Province

Gentlemenz and Ladies: roughly 3 months to go to the annual South African tune driven soul cleansing bushveld brewhaha… Time to get the injectors cleaned and information spread: how to get in so you can properly clutch out/around. Details below for the allured…

First off: Oppikoppi sold out at the last few years which was good and bad. The Koppi family is hard at work trying to expand the camping terrain (underbrush clearing, new dirt road creation etc.) and laying out more water reticulation (our single biggest headache). We are confident of increasing the capacity somewhat (probably 18 000 to 20 000), to avoid those ugly scenes of grown-ups lying on their arms crying in front of our main entrance. Not pretty (Especially the English ones: always an anomaly in Northam West). In other words it is strongly encouraged that you either buy tickets in advance or stay in the city; there will probably be no sales at the gate. Final thing whilst speaking about the camp site: you can make a permanent impression on the OppiKoppi experience by suggesting new street names in the camp site via Twitter and Facebook.

On to the show: OppiKoppi is very proud and happy to announce that we will probably have 7 different stages in operation this year. Some stages are being broken down, new ones built, moved or expanded. We are hoping to feature more tunes, more genres but still keep a nice comfortable feel. Expect a few nice surprises… (Side note: we are looking for a ballet company brave enough to take the plunge with us – please contact sweetthing@oppikoppi.co.za if this is you or unyou). Another extra bit we brought in after comments from the OppiKoppi faithful is a more up to date camp site shop (odds and ends for campers looking for forgotten-at-home utensils/tricks to make yourself look or feel pretty). And possibly/probably a cold beer exchange mechanism for Windhoek cans so you don’t have to try or be tried by the cops in the roadblocks more than once. Info to follow.

Ticketing: Sold from our Facebook at R700, or R750 from Ticketbreak.co.za. However, the sweetest deal is buying from the Standard Bank youth portal for R600. They supplement each ticket for the fans (nice hey?) and you DO NOT have to be a Standard Bank client, they just want you to see how decent and upstanding they are. (www.standardbank.co.za/studentachiever).
Info on bank cards to follow in another press release but the most common query is whether last year’s cards/value can be used this year: Yes Sir: there will be a process to transfer the money to this year’s card.

Moving on brusquely: The Kreef Hotel is the semi-civil Point 5 Star accommodation institution option for anyone too old to face Mordor/District 9 for three days: Expect hot showers, clean toilets, fulltime security, buffet breakfast, cell phone charging services, luggage porters, private bar and really nice clientele for large parts of the day and night. “The calm thing is to remain important”. The hotel is sold out each year so booking is essential… To book, click on the Kreef Hotel ticketing tab on the OppiKoppi Festival Facebook page. For more info, please email tania@kreefhotel.co.za (PS: we are also investigating a possible campervan village after many requests. If this is of interest please email nicol@oppikoppi.co.za, he likes caravan people. And their families.)

Artists: full information available on the OppiKoppi Facebook page; follow the announcements daily as the list grows.

More information to follow.

OppiKoppi 18 Sweet\Thing is made possible in association with José Cuervo, MK, Standard Bank and Vice – sweet!

Contact information for Oppikoppi:
Twitter: @oppikoppifest

Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18 Years. Enjoy Responsibly.